Monday, June 28, 2010

Another take on Pesto...

Thanks to Bill Palladino for sending in this recipe suggestion as we head into heavy duty pesto season, but here with a spin.

Here's a recipe for sweet-pea sage pesto. Seems like we're about there.


  • 2 c Fresh sweet peas / green peas (could use 16oz frozen too.)
  • 1/2 c Sage leaves; washed and packed tightly1 Tbs Miso paste (mixed with 1/4 cup water)
  • 3 Cloves garlic (or more to taste)
  • 1/4 c Ground Hemp Seeds
  • 1 c Extra Virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper; to taste
  • Pinch of Cayenne pepper; to taste

  • 1/4 c Parmigiano reggiano; freshly
  • 3 tb Pecorino; freshly grated
  • 1/8 cup more Olive Oil


This recipe is a simple twist on pesto. It uses sweet peas as the base with Sage providing an aromatic taste. It can be prepared with or without cheese.

Combine Miso paste with water and bring to boil, reduce to simmer and add peas, mixing to combine flavor.

Place mixture into food processor, adding washed Sage leaves, garlic, and hemp seeds. Pulse until blended well. With motor running slowly pour in Olive Oil in a thin stream until incorporated. Season with salt, pepper, cayenne to taste. The peas are very sweet so you may wish to add more spices to taste. I often add a bit of Herbes de Provence too.


Hemp seed is a great replacement for pine nuts. They are loaded with essential amino acids and fats. Amazingly they are also half the price (or less) of pine nuts. In their ground state (as you get them from Oryana or other sources) they provide a sweetness and texture to the pesto something like course ground parmesan cheese.

Optionally add in ground cheeses with a little more olive oil.


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