Thursday, August 26, 2010

Week 12: In this Week's Share

More TOMATOES- as long as warm, sunny weather prevails, we will keep harvesting luscious heirloom tomatoes. Some cherry tomatoes will show up in shares, but mostly slicers. If you're interested in canning, please inquire about paste/roma toms for preserving.

Peppers OR Eggplant- again, these are trickling in, so you'll see one or the other. You may see Nadia (classic dark purple Italian eggplant), Beatrice (lighter, rounder fuschia eggplant), or Rosa Bianca(heirloom pink and white eggplant). The peppers come from various varieties of bells- some that mature to red, others that mature to orange or yellow. (Did you know that green peppers are unripe fruit? Funny that so many people like them...)

Garlic! another fat bulb for salsa, roasting, or keeping vampires at bay

Onions- sweet Ailsa Craig or Bianca- both excellent raw, as they are extra juicy and sweet, not excellent keepers, but they'll be fine for a few weeks if you need to store them.

Cilantro! Are you getting the sense that it's a SALSA share this week? A great time to use up any extra peaches you may have laying around....

HOT peppers: either Jalapeno, Hot paper Lantern (similar to Habanero but more elongated), Czech black (blackish red outside, red inside), or Limon (lime green, maturing to schoolbus yellow, a delicious citrusy heat-packed pepper)

Potatoes! Either Caribe (purple skin, white flesh) or Red Gold (red skin, gold flesh)

Beets- the last of the early beet planting- these are mostly small beets that we finally gave up on waiting to size up- perfect for pickling (the smaller ones), boiling, or roasting

Baby Beet Greens (optional extra)- the thinnings from the new beet planting- use any way you'd use spinach. My favorite thing is to lightly steam or saute them with sweet onions, and serve with balsamic vinegar and goat cheese.

Cucumbers-these are finally tapering off (the first generation- the second is still on the upswing). Try finely chopped in salsa! If you're interested in pickling cukes for preserving, let me know.

Summer squash- this week you may see Costata Romanesca (ridged Italinan zucchini), Zephyr (yellow crookneck with a green butt- looks like an elongated Easter egg dipped half into green dye, patty pan (the "spaceship" squash), regular green or golden zucchini, "eightball" zucchini (small green ball-shaped zukes) or possibly things we've forgotten we planted!
That's it for this week= enjoy, and see you at market! cheers, Michelle

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