Friday, September 23, 2011

BPF CSA Week 15 News

Hey friends, I've been lax about this newsletter- sorry to leave you hanging! We're on week 15 of CSA already! Since we guarantee 18 weeks and will go up to 22, weather permitting, we have between 3 and 7 more weeks- my best guess is we'll do 20 weeks, which means five more pick-ups for you. It may be more; I'll keep you updated so no one misses a share or shows up for food after we're done! Honey is in- bring a jar when you come for pick-up! More news later...

What's in Your Share This Week?

French Fingerling potatoes- delicious fingerling variety which, once it sizes up (almost beyond a fingerling in size), develops a beautiful red pattern inside its yellow flesh- cut cross-sections for visual impact.

Carrots- It's been a few weeks, and this is the last of the mid-season carrots. The late carrot planting is still on the small side, so it'll be a couple of weeks til you see more, but you'll see plenty by the end of the season!

Collard Greens, Kale, or Chard- the first collards of the season. I like to wait til after the frost to harvest them, as they get so so sweet, but these were so tender and delicious already, I couldn't resist. Use just like kale, OR do it the southern way (like my grandmother- saute an onion, add chopped collards, a ham bone, and water or stock. and boil til you can hardly recognize leaves anymore)(I tend to cook them less- til they're just bright green -not gray- and serve with an acidic condiment like chopped tomatoes, vinegar, or lemon juice)

Onions- Italian cipollini (sweet, flattened, coin-shaped- red or white) or Rossa di Milano (looks like the Italians have BPF onions cornered this week) red onions

Garlic- still no vampires!

Baby greens- either spicy salad mix or baby spinach; more of both to come soon.

Beans- either Jade green beans or Gold of Bacau flattened, yellow pole beans

Heirloom Tomatoes- you'll probably enjoy a mix of Crnkovic, Great White, Striped German, Valencia, Japanese Trifele, Moskvich, Rutgers, Eva Purple Ball, Orange Smudge, Wapsapinicon Peach, Cherokee Purple, Ananas Noire, and more. We harvested so many ripe and not-quite-ripe tomatoes last week before the "frost" (which never came) that we have a TON of ripe and nearly-ripe tomatoes. And more are coming! Just holler if you need a bushel or half bushel for canning, dehydrating, roasting and freezing, or just eating.

Hot peppers- a mix of jalapenos and serranos this week, and soon you'll also see Czech Black, Limon, and possibly others.

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