Monday, September 10, 2012

CSA News: Week 14!

Friends, we're over the hump. Fall is on the horizon- for those who go to school, it probably already feels like fall! We're planting our very last fall radishes, salad mixes, spicy greens, and scallions for outdoor harvests up until snowfall, and in the next few weeks we'll start transitioning the hoophouse over to winter greens, herbs, roots, and salad mix. Planting the hoophouse (or any part of the farm) is like editing a magazine- in September I'm planting for December-January, with snow and clouds on my mind. In February I'm planting for April-May with sun and blue skies. Luckily there's all that weeding and harvesting to keep me grounded and in the present.
We may see the first watermelons in the next couple of weeks- remember the cucurbit fiasco? The first planting all succumbed to drought, so we scurried to replant. Luckily the cukes and zukes are quick growing, so we've had (as you know!) plenty of those already, but the melons, pumpkins, and winter squash are a big unknown- fingers crossed for one more heat wave!

In Your Share This Week:
More heat-loving summer crops!

A torrent of tomatoes, cherry and heirloom
A cubic yard of cucumbers (they are crazy right now!)
A passel of peppers, sweet and/or hot
A smattering of summer squash and/or zucchini
A pound (or more) of fingerling or marble potatoes
A bag of braising mix OR baby broccoli
A barrage of basil, again!
A boatload of beans, rainbow or all green
A lovin' spoonful of leaf lettuce or salad mix
An onslaught of onions
Perhaps something else I'm forgetting right now...

1. Preserving shares still available. Please email me to reserve your half bushel ($30)or quarter bushel ($15)of canning tomatoes, beans, and/or cucumbers, or bulk quantity of basil ($10/lb). Pick up at the next CSA pickup after you get confirmation of your order.
2. CSA will run through the end of October. Last week in October=last week of pick-up.
3. Investor Shares available for winter! We're not doing CSA "proper" for winter, but we will be at the Building 50 indoor winter market starting the first Saturday in November. An investor share allows you to create your own share as often as you like from our market table. You invest as much as you like in the farm, that becomes a declining-balance account (credit at our farmer's market table), and it earns "interest" on your investment in the form of produce. For example, if you invest $100 at a 10% interest rate, you then have $110 in farm credit, to be used at our market stall. Investor shares never expire, and you can re-invest as frequently as you like. Each time you shop, we deduct your purchases from your balance, and you take your produce home- no cash needed!

That's it for now- more recipes next week :)

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