Monday, June 10, 2013

First CSA shares of 2013: It's a green, green, green, green share

We start with an infusion of spring green things! In this week's share: Baby Salad Mix, Spinach, Scallions, Parsley, perhaps a few other surprises. . Stored in an airtight bag, baby greens should last a week in your refrigerator (IF you need them to- who waits that long to enjoy their salad, though?). Spinach: 4-5 days. Probably longer, but after 4-5 days they should still be beautiful, not just edible. . Saturday shares got an unanticipated treat: Golden Oyster Mushrooms! The logs "fruited" at just the right time to include mushrooms in Saturday shares. It looks like Tuesday and Wednesday won't be so lucky, this week anyway-- mushrooms, while cultivated (not wild) are weather-dependent. If the moisture and temperatures are just right, we get a mushroom harvest. If not, we have to wait. Don't worry, you'll see mushrooms in your share at least once this summer! . Available to purchase at CSA pickup: . 1. CSA cookbooks: Asparagus to Zucchini (cookbook compiled by CSA members in Wisconsin, organized by vegetable instead of by dish type, so you can look up anything in your share and get recipes, nutrition info, storage tips, etc. Available for $17 to CSA members (also makes a great gift for folks who might be new to farmers' market or seasonal eating in general. . 2. Goat cheese from our friends in Cedar, MI-- remember the herbed goat cheese at the pre-season member meeting? We have plenty more for you, in 3 varieties: Onion-chive, Hint of lavender, and Garlic-basil-thyme. $6 per 8 oz tub. . Available to pre-order at CSA pickup: . 1. Maple Syrup from Kirk Waterstripe 2. Coffee shares from Higher Grounds 3. Bread shares from Pleasanton Brick Oven Bakery 4. Cut flower shares from Birch Point

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