Thursday, August 18, 2011

BPF CSA Week 10 - In Your Share This Week

Just a list for the time being- it's been a nutty week (even nuttier than usual around here!), which means newsletter-writing gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. Bear with me- I'll be more chatty next week. ;)

Sweet little green celery
Kohlrabi OR cabbage (by the way, Saturday people got cabbage last week instead of pac choi- you probably figured that out)
Sweet Onions
Summer squash/zucchini- all kinds
Cucumbers- all kinds
Beans- rainbow mix and/or green and/or Italian Roma (flat pod)
Carrots OR Beets (red, gold and/or pink)
Kale OR chard
Hoophouse tomatoes (and the very very first field tomatoes!)
Basil- Caprese salad, anyone?
Cilantro- if you can't use it all this week, try making cilantro pesto -same as basil pesto w/ cilantro instead. And I use sunflower seeds in place of pine nuts for this one.

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