Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BPF CSA Week 8

In Your Share This Week:

the very first POTATOES! Either red or gold, these new potatoes are melty and delicious. Enjoy with the purslane and dill and garlic (and some dressing) for an excellent potato salad.

dill- see "potatoes" and/or "cucumbers"

Cucumbers and/or Summer Squash- the very first cucumbers, and still near the beginning of the summer squash, these will both come on in bigger quantities over the next few weeks. Enjoy a cucumber salad and/or squash on the grill with or without dill (Dawn, you get chives, not dill) ;)

the very first CABBAGE- not the Napa of a few weeks ago, but "conehead" regular cabbage- dense and crispy, thinly shredded or sliced cabbage, marinated in vinaigrette for a day or two makes excellent summer salad, especially with purslane and cucumbers and garlic and tomatoes!

Purslane- the first Wild Edible of the season. We like to include wildcrafted (not cultivated) foods once in a while. Purslane is a wild edible plant that grows like a weed in our garden. It's actually quite popular in Mexican cooking, known as "verdolagas," and if you look on line for recipes, you may come up with more under the Spanish name. It's high in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and A. Try it raw in salads, scrambled with eggs, blended in smoothies, or any other way you can think of (like potato salad!).

Garlic- more fresh garlic; it will keep coming. ;) Don't bother hoarding.

Broccoli! Who wouldn't want broccoli three weeks in a row?

Kohlrabi! Who wouldn't want broccoli AND kohlrabi three weeks in a row? :) This is the end of kohlrabi til fall, so enjoy.

Kale or Chard- everyone's favorite greens. Freeze any leftovers for winter greens. If you need extras, just ask- I do have an agenda to dramatically increase the leafy greens consumption of our region, and we're happy to supply you with more of these in the interest of meeting that goal.

hoophouse-grown TOMATOES- the second harvest of the season- you'll get either a mix of different cherry tomatoes, or "Oregon Spring" red slicing tomatoes. mmmm......

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