Friday, July 2, 2010

This week's items:

-bodacious LETTUCE heads (Lettuce Wraps, anyone? Try using big lettuce leaves instead of springroll wrappers, and include all your favorite fillings, like rice noodles, kale, parsley, mint, dill, cilantro, peas, and purslane)
-beautiful SCALLIONS
-PURSLANE- not optional this week- and it is Excellent chopped up into your 4th of July picnic potato salad or egg salad, not to mention salsa, lettuce salad, and lettuce wraps. Google "verdolagas" for Mexican recipes using purslane
-PEAS- they just keep coming.... perhaps the hot weather this weekend will slow them down, perhaps not. Enjoy!
-HERBS: Parsley, Mint, or Dill
-optional cilantro, for your lettuce wraps, salsa, or salads (not for those who still have last week's bunch in the fridge- you know who you are) ;)

Remember to come to BUILDING 50 (the Mercato in the basement, on the back side, across from Pleasanton Bakery- if we're not in the basement, we'll be outside by the fountain near the salon entrance) between 8 and 12

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