Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 5: In Your Share This Week

Carrots! hooray, they're finally sized up- and some are a bit funny-looking, but we thought you'd probably appreciate that, so some folks have carrots with legs and arms and other appendages. Remove tops before storing.

Garlic- the very first "mature" garlic- compare to your memory of the "green" garlic of a few weeks ago. (Remember SUNDAY is the garlic harvest party here at the farm, to get the rest of it out of the ground).

Mustard Greens these were grown under reemay (that lightweight white frost fabric that happens to grow very tender greens underneath) so they are melt-in-your-mouth tender, but still a little spicy, so I'd steam or saute briefly, then toss with vinegar and oil. For the truly hardcore, chop up and add to salad.

The return of Baby Salad Mix- and a beautiful mix it is this week- five kinds of lettuce, baby kale, baby tatsoi, baby beet greens and chard, and maybe a few sprigs of purslane.

Big Lettuce- either green leaf or red butterhead (our new favorite this season)

Cilantro- nice big bunches; try cilantro pesto (freezes great)

Kale or Chard- your choice, either one is a wonderful cooking green; kale can also be eaten raw. Chard can be eaten raw, but the oxalic acid present in the leaves (also in beets and spinach, in lower quantities) may irritate the back of your throat, so go easy at first on raw chard.

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