Thursday, July 4, 2013

Birch Point CSA Week 4

What's in Your Share This Week?

more Garlic Scapes!  I hope you know all the delicious things you can do with these by now.  For example, chop/slice/mince and use exactly like garlic in any recipe or salad/salad dressing or eggs or you-name-it.  ALSO try them on the grill.  Just toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and lay them right on the grill that's already hot for anything else you're already grilling.  Turn once or twice til they're evenly browned/slightly blackened, and enjoy.  Same for oven-broiling: olive oil-salt-pepper, then cookie sheet on highest oven rack, broil on high, turn once during browning. Enjoy.  The heat mellows out the bite and turns them into finger food.  OR make garlic scape pesto: chop coarsely, pulse in a food processor with lots of olive oil, some salt and peppers, generous squeeze of lemon juice and/or dash of rice vinegar, cayenne (optional), and toasted walnuts/pine nuts/sunflower seeds (add last so nuts maintain a little nutty texture instead of turning into paste). Last but not least, scapes keep in your fridge incredibly well.  Seal in an airtight container (e.g. plastic bag), hoard til you're ready to use them.  Enjoy.

Kale: The ruler of the green world.  Kale is perhaps my favorite vegetable, as it's incredibly delicious, versatile, and nutritious.  Always try a simple saute or steam when faced with a new leafy green.  Then try adding flavors to complement: acid, fat,salt, pepper.  My fave kale preparation: coarsely chop or chiffonade the leaves (yes include stems, unless you're making food for toothless people-- just chop stems more finely than the leaves).  Saute garlic or onions (e.g. scapes) in olive oil, add kale stems, saute another few minutes, add leaves, saute til it's as tender as you like it.  Add toasted chopped walnuts or pecans, a handful of dried cherries or raisins or currants, toss with balsamic vinegar.  Crumbled goat cheese or feta optional. Voila.  Also try kale chips.  Recipe forthcoming, or google it yourself.

Beets with greens-- I'll bet you know how you like beets, but please see "kale" for my same thoughts on beet greens.  Beet greens and chard can always be substituted for any recipe that calls for spinach.
Tip: to store beetroot AND beet greens longer, cut off greens, and store in airtight containers (e.g. sealed plastic bags) in fridge. The leaves will continue to transpire moisture away from the root even after it's in your fridge, so separate them to keep roots firm longer. That goes for any root veggie with greens (carrot, radish, turnip, etc). 

Scallions- use the entire thing, "tip to tail."  Even the roots!  Did you know chefs use scallion roots as a garnish?

Salad mix OR lettuce heads- something to make into salad

Strawberries- probably the last of these sweeties for the season; the patch is slowing down in the heat.  I hope to plant out the "daughter" plants (the new plants at the ends of the runners sent out by the "mother" plants) to expand our strawberry patch for next year.  *Great volunteer job!!!*  Any strawberry lovers/planters out there?

1. Support a young entrepreneur!  My 4-year-old neighbor Kaia and her mom are making gluten-free baked goods, available to purchase at Tuesday CSA pickup.  Kaia is the one with the bike helmet and basket full of cookies ;)

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