Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birch Point CSA Week 7

What's in Your Share This (past) Week?

Napa Cabbage OR Broccoli (or Braising Mix)- why are these things all one item?  Because the Napa and Broccoli are just trickling in. Instead of getting an entire CSA worth of harvest all at once, we've been getting a few each week, due largely to the drought (inconsistent water).  The plan is that if we keep offering these as options, everyone will get everything, just not necessarily the same week as the next member!  Napa and Broccoli are in the same (Cabbage) family, store similarly (airtight in a fridge for at least a week- Napa probably even longer).  You CAN eat broccoli leaves, which is why we leave them on; they are delicious-- toss them in with broccoli OR any other greens you're preparing. Braising Mix is intended for sauteing, stirfrying, steaming, adding to eggs, soup, or anything else you cook (rather than eating fresh- they are hearty leaves!)
New Potatoes- surely you know what to do with potatoes? steam or boil, enjoy with butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, and/or anything else you like.
Last of the Peas/First of the Tomatoes! Doubt these will even make it home- don't tell your family they were in the share :)  You will see more and more tomatoes over the coming weeks, first cherry tomatoes followed by small slicers and finally the gigantic heirlooms will appear on the scene later in August.
Sweet Onions Can be enjoyed cooked OR raw- they are so sweet and mild they're perfect for salads or sandwiches OR grilling entire rounds, sliced thickly.
Fresh Garlic!  Garlic is a backbone of the farm lineup- along with salad greens, tomatoes, and root veggies. You'll see more garlic over the course of the season- notice how the fresh juicy quality changes over time, after the bulbs start to cure and the skins grow papery (and easier and easier to peel!)  Try roasted garlic, minced raw garlic, garlic chopped and steeped in olive oil (then use the olive oil for cooking or drizzling), anything you can think of.  This fresh, juicy garlic stores best in the fridge, while late-season, cured bulbs store best at room temp.
Beets with Greens These are the end of our early beets, and the mid-season beets are just starting to size up, so we'll have a little lull on the beet scene, but they will be back soon!  Meanwhile,  you'll get to know another favorite root veggie, the carrot (next week!).
Kohlrabi We're also near the end of the early-kohlrabi season-- it has been a great run!  The fall kohlrabi transplants just went in the ground, so you'll see more of these in your share later in the season. If you're still new to kohlrabi, try it fresh first- peel the thick skin with a paring knife, chop into sticks or bite sized pieces, and enjoy like a radish or carrot stick, with a sprinkle of salt if you like.  Kohlrabi leaves are also delicious- use just like kale, and/or toss them into a saute pan with your beet greens.

1. Garlic Harvest is this week!  Thursday afternoon we'll be pulling the "stinking rose" and hanging it in the red barn to cure.  I know it's short notice,  but come join us any time between 3 and 7 pm Thurs. July 25, in the Back Field. Wear clothes and shoes to get dirty, sweaty, and garlicky.  All ages and abilities welcome.

2. Yoga in the Red Barn Wednesday Aug. 21, 7-8 p.m. Join yoga teacher Amy Hubbell (who currently teaches Yoga on the Beach, among other places) for the first-ever Barn Yoga Class!  This one-hour drop-in class is all experience levels, by donation.  And it might smell like garlic (see Announcement #1).  Bring your own mat or towel, wear comfortable, loose clothing. Open to any and all farm friends, not just CSA members.

3. Coffee Sale- For those that missed the last bulk coffee sale, Higher Grounds is once again offering a sale on bulk quantities of coffee. $8 per lb or $40 per 5-lb bag.  Order by Friday July 26 via email for pick-up next Tuesday, July 30, on the farm.Varieties available:
           Peruvian Cepicafe (light roast)
            Colombian Ocamonte (single-origin medium roast)
            Bolivian Pumiri (single-origin medium-dark roast)

4. Goat cheese still available to purchase at Tues. CSA pickup-- made by our friends at Clean Plate Farm in Cedar, this delicious soft cheese is available in three flavors: Hint of Lavender, Onion-Chive, and Basil-Garlic-Thyme.  6.00 per tub.  Wed and Sat. shares can order goat cheese to pick up with your share at market. 

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