Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CSA Week 5

What's in Your Share This Week?

Strangely, almost the same things as last week!  Major exception: sugarsnap peas and either kohlrabi, broccoli, or turnips.  Eat these peas whole, the pods are sweet and bursty tender.  Use kohlrabi fresh or cooked (I heard there might have been a good recipe suggestion on Local Thyme--? check it out!); be sure to use the greens too, just like kale.  Turnips should be eaten fresh; they are so tender and mild.  Broccoli- these sweet little heads are finally maturing. The drought put the brakes on their development, but a few have trickled in over the past couple of weeks, and I think we might see a nice broccoli harvest in 2-3 weeks, now that they've had a good drink.

On the horizon: hoophouse tomatoes!  The first few have been delicious, and soon we'll have enough to harvest for CSA!  Our outdoor tomatoes will be later than usual, thanks to the late spring, but the hoophouse tomatoes will fill that gap (between now and outdoor tomatoes).  Also potatoes!  The nightshade family is about to shine, as is garlic (fresh bulbs, not just scapes) in a couple of weeks.  Onions are looking great, if they can outgrow the weeds after this rain (i.e. if we can get a minute to weed them!), they'll be big and beautiful and delicious soon.  Those are highlights for now; longer newsletter next week.  bon appetit, Michelle

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